Teacher Testimonials

Here are some of the testimonials we have received from teachers about Educake. Thank you to everyone for their messages!

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"Educake is excellent for organising intervention, setting homework tasks and for motivating students to achieve. The range of higher level tasks to push the more able is fantastic."

Robert from Glyn School, EPSOM, Surrey

"Amazing, is already proving itself to be invaluable. Thank you!"

Dr Taylor from The Littlehampton Academy, LITTLEHAMPTON, West Sussex

"We have started to drive the use of educake through our department with renewed vigour. Students and staff alike are all responding favourably. It has proved especially useful in terms of boys engagement - introduced a competitive edge. Derek Donaldson, St Wilfrid's RC School"

Derek Donaldson from St Wilfrids RC School, Crawley

"Educake is brilliant. The homework is accessible to all of our students and the content it very relevant. Nice to have the GCSE content which works as a very good revision aid as well."

Helen Gerstner from City of Derby Academy, Derby

"Educake is a quick, easy and efficient way of setting homework. Crucially, students are provided with feedback so that they can address any gaps in their learning and can therefore tailor their revision. Also, as a teacher, it allows me to quickly address whole class misconceptions rather than spend hours marking homework!"

Christopher Duckett from St Thomas a Becket Secondary School, Wakefield

"Educake is a simple to use tool which we used for online homework with Yr 7. Our students enjoyed a different style of homework and reported no problems. Teachers found it easy to monitor scores and set the tasks. The support from the team was first class. Alan Blount, Newstead Wood School"

Alan Blount from Newstead Wood School, London

"The help desk is excellent. The team help you really quickly with solutions to enquiries."

Rebecca Webb from Chichester Girls School, West Sussex

"Educake has been an excellent addition to the revision resources we have been able to offer to all our students at St Wilfrids Catholic School. Our year 10s and 11s used Educake intensively in the run up to their final exams alongside more traditional techniques. It gave them and us instant feedback as to the areas of strength and weakness that needed to be focused on in class. Being able to display the school and class statistics live to the students was a very powerful tool and it added an element of competitiveness that spurred the children on. I look forward to now embedding its use into the teaching of the new Science GCSE and ensuring that the students get additional regular quality feedback on their progress throughout the year in a quick and efficient way for me."

Charlie Tibble from St Wilfrid's RC School, Crawley

"Our students like Educake because it provides instant feedback and helps them to develop as independent learners. Our teachers like Educake because it allows them to set differentiated tasks and to add comments directly to the students' responses.Jill Disley, Head of Science, Wykeham House School"

Jill Disley from Wykeham House School, Hampshire

"I'm a science teacher at Joseph Leckie Academy. I personally love educake and use it regular with all my classes. Educake is a great way to easily assess and highlight any common misconceptions my pupils may have. Be it for homework or classwork, Educake has become a regular staple of my classroom practise."

Martin Abraham from Joseph Leckie Academy, Walsall

"We have been really impressed with Educake and is being utilised across both KS3 and KS4 effectively. It is both staff and student friendly and the feedback has been positive. I would recommend it."

Parm Grewal from Joseph Leckie Academy, Walsall

"We love using Educake. The fact that it requires written answers, rather than being multi-choice, encourages students to use scientific words correctly and accurately. The fact that students can challenge answers that are marked wrong and the teacher can respond, has led to some interesting dialogue between teachers and students which gives real insight into how students are thinking and the misconceptions they hold. Mike Parrott, Northallerton College"

Mike Parrott from Northallerton College, North Yorkshire

"We have really seen the benefit of Educake in the run up to the year 11 mock exams: as well as regular homeworks, students are setting themselves revision tests and tracking their own progress; they have literally completed thousands of questions! I like that I can see which pupils and which classes are completing the most questions."

Ben Tinkler from Warden Park Academy, East Sussex

"Educake has made my students more enthusiastic about homework, reduced my marking and provides really detailed feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of my students. All of these things make it a great programme."

Ben Carter from Warden Park Academy, East Sussex

"The response of students has been great. Being able to set homework assignments on it has been a positive success, students are able to see corrections immediately. Also setting the deadlines makes the students accountable for their grades. Love it!"

Alshia Lugo from The Berkely Institute, Bermuda

"I generally use it as a revision tool to support my students preparation for internal tests. I like it because the tests are easy to set (I can set one through my phone at home it I choose to- fantastic) and the feedback is immediate and presented nicely (I am a massive fan of colour coding!!). The students also like it and it helps to support their subject knowledge."

Karen Stacey from Rushcliffe Academy, Nottingham

"Educake has saved me time! Time in setting the work! Time in marking the work and most importantly no time is wasted collecting the work In the classroom. Plus, the results grid allows me to instantly identify where each child, or an entire class, is struggling and change my lessons accordingly."

Ashley Hunt from Norton Knatchbull School, Kent

"Educake has been a fantastic tool for setting homework, revising for exams and extending class work. It allows me to easily check which pupils have completed the work and where their areas of difficulty are. It saves time and allows me to easily identify the pupils not completing homework"

Hayley Adderson from St Thomas a Becket Catholic Comprehensive School, Wakefield

"We're very impressed with Educake. The resources are very accessible to our students and have told us which sections of the specification that our students found more challenging and needed to covered in more depth during revision."

Jim Cuthbert from St Mark's School, Bath

"Educake is a very useful resource as preparation for the GCSE exams. Students have said that they found it easy to use and liked knowing which areas they needed to improve on."

Hannah Savage from Foxford School, Coventry

"One student whom I rarely see completed homework from, they completed the online tests the day I set them! And when I asked them why, they said that they done it on their Ipad and that they won't forget or lose their homework now so they can't get in trouble!"

Ikram Ali from Stratford School, London

"I think it is great. A 20-25 homework every week of this type that takes minutes to prep and is marked saves me a huge amount of time. For the students it offers the kind of consolidation needed that enables students to progress. Each test can be repeated and differentiated. A fantastic piece of software."

Steve Croft from Haslingden High School, Lancashire

"I've been delighted with Educake, it's really lightened my marking load. Thanks for a brilliant website!"

Phil Rawlinson from Haslingden High School, Lancashire

"Educake is very straightforward to use, greatly reducing issues we've had in the past with pupils being able to access and use packages easily. It does a great job of recapping key ideas quickly and effectively with clear and useful feedback."

Mike Jackson from Turves Green Girls School, Birmingham

"Educake is the perfect tool for setting homework for our GCSE classes. The fact it's already marked is a fantastic time saver and the mark book makes it easy to track pupils' understanding of topics on an individual level."

Mr Leonard from The Hayling College, Hampshire

"Our students love using Educake, both in class and for homework. It's great for independent learning, the questions really test understanding of key concepts. Very quick to get tests set up, and really easy for teachers to manage groups and students. Very reasonably priced, and works perfectly on iPads. Useful tracking features allow teachers to see which areas students struggle most with. Highly recommended."

Pete Clarke from St Paul's Catholic College, West Sussex

"We have used a number of multiple choice products in the past but these no longer reflect the style of GCSE papers. I like Educake because it provides more of a challenge and supports literacy because students have to write the answer. The instant feedback is also excellent and the response from students have been very positive."

Gideon Lyons from Jewish Community Secondary School, Barnet

"Really easy to use and perfect for quick revision tests."

Simon Harvey from Scarborough College, Scarborough

"Educake has proved invaluable in developing students understanding of key words in GCSE topics. Something that takes only minutes to prepare and delivers high progress is amazing to have at my disposal. When students struggle, I can use it to inform my planning for the next lesson and students really see the benefit in their results in class tests."

Alex Gray from Bishope Vesey School, West Midlands

"I have been using Educake with a small group of Year 11 dual award students who attend after-school revision sessions. The fact that I can see how they are getting on is great as I can intervene and explain common points of confusion to the group as well as individuals who are struggling with content. I think the tests are particularly good for checking understanding of the content prior to exam-style practice."

Catherine Spencer from John Fisher School, Surrey