Set high-quality auto-marked GCSE maths homework in seconds

So many homework systems are full of things you don’t need – Educake lets you set customisable quizzes in an easy-to-use system.

Set customised quizzes quickly and easily with Educake Maths

There are so many different online homework systems for maths, each with more and more features, like extra videos, line-by-line marking, and complicated analysis. All these new things sound brilliant but in reality don’t get used much.

Educake is the easiest way to set high-quality auto-marked maths homework. It just has thousands of carefully-written questions and an unbelievably easy-to-use system, at a sensible price.

You can now set meaningful homework tasks in seconds that students can complete on their phones and tablets.

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Fully functional, unlimited students and teachers for 30 days with no obligation.

Educake has made my students more enthusiastic about homework, reduced our marking and provides really detailed feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.

Ben Carter, Science teacher, Warden Park Academy, West Sussex

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See your students’ strengths and weaknesses

Our clear quiz results page lets you identify your class’s problem areas and identify underperforming students, so you can focus on these areas next.

It’s much more user friendly for the teacher, compared to another platform we have used, in terms of me being able to see what the students have done. And the feedback we get is much much better.

Ben Tainsh-Griffiths, Totteridge Academy

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Want to try Educake in your Maths department?

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Fully functional, unlimited students and teachers for 30 days with no obligation

5 hours saved

Reduce your marking load

Educake has thousands of auto-marked questions for you to assign to your students. Each question is carefully written so it exactly matches the specification you teach - you can set targeted and differentiated homework in seconds.

Creating an English quiz with Educake

Motivate your students

Students love the instant feedback that Educake gives them after every question. They love being able to set themselves quizzes. They love being able to do their homework on their phone. And you can use student league tables to motivate them even more.

Educake student league table
“I am pleased with the experience I have had as the program has allowed me to nail down what I could not grasp in the lessons :-)

Edward, Year 10 student, Sandwich,, Kent

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Educake Maths Pricing

A school subscription to Educake Maths costs £800 per year, plus VAT.
This is payable annually, at the start of the subscription.

What's included

Thousands of graded maths questions
Edexcel GCSE
Key Stage 3
Customisable quizzes
Students can create their own quizzes
Quiz results analysis
Give feedback on individual questions
Track performance by topic
Research-based algorithmic quiz creator
No installation hassle - we add your students
Student league tables
Individual student reports
Use with any device: PCs, tablets, phones
School statistics to compare classes
Teacher accounts Unlimited
Student accounts Unlimited

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