Help your children get better at science

Personalised support available with an individual Educake subscription.

Affordable online learning made easy

Students get:

  • Personalised quizzes that they can complete on a mobile
  • Instant feedback if they get answers wrong
  • Extra revision help from Educake study guides
“Educake is amazing. You can set yourself questions and get detailed explanations why it is correct. I would recommend it for revision or learning new things”
– Student, East Sussex

Parents get:

  • Reassurance that children are learning the right topics
  • Regular progress updates
  • An affordable alternative to a tutor (more convenient, too!)
“Having access to Educake has been brilliant, my teenagers have no idea how to revise, especially after lockdowns. Educake shows them what topics they need to improve.”
– Parent, Oxfordshire

What are the questions like?

Questions are written by experienced teachers. You select your child’s exam board/stage and they’ll be shown the right questions.

Educake includes lots of question types, not just multiple choice – students can’t just guess.

View a sample quiz:

Used by over half a million students

Educake Science includes over 10,000 questions for students aged 11-16 (KS3 and GCSE).

Our smart algorithm analyses student strengths and weaknesses, so they get shown the right content at the right level.

“Our students love using Educake. It’s great for independent learning, the questions really test understanding of key concepts.”
– Science teacher, Sussex