Case studies

Read how other schools are using Educake

We've spoken to some teachers and heads of department who use Educake. Here you'll find how their department uses Educake, how they got students and other teachers started, and what their IT setup is like.

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Beacon Academy logo

Beacon Academy, East Sussex

A split site, rural, mixed-comprehensive converter academy with approximately 1400 students.

Beacon Academy mainly uses Educake for:

  • Weekly homework of short answer questions to build knowledge
  • After school catch-up sessions
  • Revision quizzes before exams, set by teachers and students

"The biggest thing is that we're not doing stupid ticks and crosses on short answer questions, so we have time (and energy) to mark essays and longer answers."

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School logo

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School, London

An 11-16 girls' inner-city comprehensive school with approximately 900 students.

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School mainly uses Educake for:

  • Weekly homework of short answer questions to build knowledge
  • After school catch-up sessions
  • Revision quizzes before exams, set by teachers and students

"The feedback function of Educake is one of the most powerful aspects. I remember one student commented on a question saying that she'd misread it. I replied saying that it's very important to read the question carefully in the exams. It's this kind of specific feedback that's really easy to do in Educake."

Davenant Foundation School logo

Davenant Foundation School, Essex

An 11-18 mixed suburban comprehensive academy, with approximately 1200 students. About 10% of students are on Pupil Premium.

Davenant Foundation mainly uses Educake for:

  • Homework, usually at the end of a topic
  • In class work for low ability groups
  • Encouraging students to set revision

"I think it's the simplicity and ease of use, and the breadth of content that makes Educake so good."

Radley College logo

Radley College, Oxfordshire

A boys' independent boarding school for ages 13 to 18, with approximately 700 pupils.

Radley College mainly uses Educake for:

  • Homework
  • Early stage revision, for building knowledge

"Students are getting more valuable feedback – it is instant, specific to them, and no wasted time going over the ‘easy questions, more time on the more difficult ones."

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St Paul's Catholic College logo

St Paul's Catholic College, Burgess Hill

An 11-18 mixed school with approximately 1100 students.

St Paul's Catholic College mainly uses Educake for:

  • Homework during the year
  • In-class revision before exams

"The three best things are the instant feedback for students, the ease of setting tests, and the help and customer support with quick responses to any queries."

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Minsthorpe Community College logo

Minsthorpe Community College, West Yorkshire

An 11-18 academy with 1500 students.

Minsthorpe Academy mainly uses Educake for:

  • Retrieval practice for areas such as literary terms and word classes
  • Feedback and self-reflection: students get instant feedback and can comment on their progress

"I think it's absolutely great and has fabulous potential with long-term use. I love the way Educake has thought of how teachers and students can progress together through teaching and learning."

Weston Road Academy logo

The Weston Road Academy, Stafford

An 11-18 non-selective secondary academy with approximately 900 students.

Weston Road Academy mainly uses Educake for:

  • Setting good quality homework for English language and skills questions
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses and which topics require further teaching

"It's massively time-saving. It's easy. It's a brilliant tool to influence your teaching, showing you where to focus to help your students."

John Hanson logo

John Hanson Community School, Hampshire

A mixed secondary school with approximately 950 students

John Hanson Community School mainly uses Educake for:

  • Highlighting misconceptions and helping staff to focus their efforts on specific areas
  • Interleaving topics from previous years with current learning

"Using Educake as part of a long-term plan, we feel that we have finally found a strategy that is effective, engaging and rewarding for students. They can take real ownership over their progress."